How to Win Video Poker of Gambling Online with Best Strategy Book

Video poker is an unique game because it is played using slot machine so it looks like an easy game to beat. However, to win this game, you need more than just ordinary strategies because this game is basically the 5-card draw poker put into the machine. Though you will not play against other players in gambling online, you need to best support that will guide you to win and you can get it from the best strategy book for video poker especially when you are still beginner.

When you are still beginner in gambling online, it is so hard to play or even win video poker. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it because you still have the chance to get help from the best strategy book entitled “Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner”. The author is Bob Dancer and it was published in 2009. Dancer is known as the legend because he is the most experienced player in video poker has ever existed. Though he is the veteran player, he has the special website with update information regularly about this game.

He has written several books related to gambling and today, he writes articles every week for the blog of Las Vegas Advisor and also Gambling with an Edge.