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'Sex and the City' ... and the shopping

Local businesses all over the country are undoubtedly trying to capitalize on the fem-friendly allure of "Sex and the ...


Free cupcakes in downtown D.C. Tuesday

A cupcake giveaway can be summed up in one word: sweet. D.C.'s Hello Cupcake will be giving away free cupcakes Tuesday ...


Free Treats Today at Hello Cupcake

Somehow it seems wrong to celebrate an anniversary and give your guests a gift. But from the moment doors open ...


Go Ahead, Judge Me By My Cupcake!

It's a moment of pure panic to stand in front of the cupcake case, eyes darting between ...


You Had Me At Hello... Cupcake!

You Had Me At Hello... Cupcake!

For Valentine’s Day, Hello Cupcake fans were encouraged to share their best, worst and funniest pick-up stories in exchange for ...


“What a feel-good greeting, Hello, cupcake.” Three Baking Sheets To The Wind’s Ali shares her experience competing in this years Design Your DC competition at Hello Cupcake! Click here to read more..

Hello Cupcake has teamed up with KitchenAid to bring you our next cupcake decorating challenge!

Fox5 covered the story of the Hello Cupcake giveaway at City Hall this week. We couldn’t be happier for all of the couples and were so delighted to be a part of this historic event.

We didn’t want to see it come to blows, and luckily it did not, but check out our very own NBC4 anchors claiming the Hello Cupcakes in the studio.

Hello Cupcake tries our hand at the 26-page Pentagon brownie recipe on NPR All Things Considered… NPR Segment

We are so happy they picked us up! Washington, DC bakery Hello Cupcake is selling a Cinco de Mayo lime cupcake (pictured below) through Saturday, and it’s available in regular, gluten free and vegan varieties. It’s a lime cake, tequila-lime buttercream, festive sugar rim, and a slice of lime candy. Cinco de Mayo lime cupcake [...]

“Let them eat cake!” Hello Cupcake celebrates the new marriage equality law by giving out free cupcakes to same-sex couples getting married. Washington Business Tonight was there to capture the excitement!

Check out NBC4‘s coverage of our cupcake distribution to same-sex newlyweds.

Check us out on Channel 9!

Hello Cupcake made things even sweeter, providing those same-sex couples waiting in line for marriage licenses with free cupcakes! Read more..

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