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Election Day is upon us! In the final days before voters head to the polls, local bakeries are showing their enthusiasm with Election-themed cupcakes. Hello Cupcake is selling the adorable Donkey & Elephant cupcakes you see below. How cute! They are $3.50 each or $39/dozen.

Did you know one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime? In DC alone, 31,232 calls were placed to 9-1-1 in 2009 related to domestic violence. Help Hello Cupcake stand up to domestic violence! 100% of the sales of purple ribbon cupcakes today and tomorrow will go to support the [...]

Local businesses all over the country are undoubtedly trying to capitalize on the fem-friendly allure of “Sex and the City.” One example here in the Washington area is D.C.’s Hello Cupcake, which is selling specially designed Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha cupcakes. I can’t really object to this on the grounds that I love cupcakes, [...]

Hello Cupcake will be giving away a free cupcake to those who come into their Dupont shop in costume, today from 4-7 pm. Sounds like a good stop on your way home from the rally, where you’ll likely be exhausted and in need of sugar.

A cupcake giveaway can be summed up in one word: sweet. D.C.’s Hello Cupcake will be giving away free cupcakes Tuesday in celebration of the bakery opening its doors two years ago. Cupcakes will be given away until supplies run out. Doors open at 10 a.m

Somehow it seems wrong to celebrate an anniversary and give your guests a gift. But from the moment doors open at 10 a.m. today, Hello Cupcake will pass out its namesake treats for free as part of its second anniversary celebration. I suspect people will be lining up outside the door on Dupont Circle well [...]

It’s a moment of pure panic to stand in front of the cupcake case, eyes darting between expert swirls of chocolate ganache and bubbly towers of buttercream. How, you think, is the salesperson standing there smiling and poised, and soooo calm while awaiting the ends of such a critical moment of decision: which cupcake? Which [...]

Hello Cupcake hosted the “Design Your DC” cupcake competition! Which was your favorite?  Click here to find out more and see pictures of all the great designs!

“What a feel-good greeting, Hello, cupcake.” Three Baking Sheets To The Wind’s Ali shares her experience competing in this years Design Your DC competition at Hello Cupcake! Click here to read more..

We are so happy they picked us up! Washington, DC bakery Hello Cupcake is selling a Cinco de Mayo lime cupcake (pictured below) through Saturday, and it’s available in regular, gluten free and vegan varieties. It’s a lime cake, tequila-lime buttercream, festive sugar rim, and a slice of lime candy. Cinco de Mayo lime cupcake [...]

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