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Hello Cupcake has teamed up with KitchenAid to bring you our next cupcake decorating challenge!

Hello Cupcake made things even sweeter, providing those same-sex couples waiting in line for marriage licenses with free cupcakes! Read more..

Same-sex couples are home free in D.C.!  Hello Cupcake even handed out free cupcakes to those couples applying for marriage licenses in D.C. Find out more…

For Valentine’s Day, Hello Cupcake fans were encouraged to share their best, worst and funniest pick-up stories in exchange for a free cupcake as a homage to the store’s name. To date, fans have posted hundreds of pick-up lines. To get in on more Hello Cupcake promotions like this one, join our Facebook Page.

DelleiciousDC blogs about Hello Cupcake‘s holiday cupcake classes, starting with Valentine’s Day. Click here to read more.

Metrocurean- Who will win the Superbowl fondant face-off at Hello Cupcake? Click here to read more.

Hello Cupcake teamed up with Allied Advertising to put on a great event, screening the new movie, Dear John. Click here to read more.

Capital Cooking’s Lauren DeSantis  attended Hello Cupcake‘s open house for their new cupcake design classes! Click here to read more.