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I learned the art of making delicious pastry...
  at the apron strings of my Greek mother, aunts and cousins. Every detail was considered; everything was fresh and natural (sometimes from our own cows, goats and hens!) They believed cutting corners resulted in a less-than-perfect product, so they prided themselves on making everything from scratch - and so do I.

Making home-baked treats for family, friends, and at-home gatherings fueled my passion for pastry and led to the creation of Hello Cupcake. I bring the "Greek Mother" philosophy to everything we do at Hello Cupcake, from the high-quality baked goods, to the sparkling clean, charming and inviting environment, to our friendly and helpful staff. I even do the occasional matchmaking.

Penny Karas,
Owner & Executive Pastry Chef

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Locations and Hours

Dupont Circle
Capitol Hill

Pricing and Ordering

Our delicious cupcakes are $3.25 each

A box of Hello Cupcakes is great for hostess gifts, birthdays, parties, and holidays! Or for your sweetie...just 'cause!

Packaged in a traditional bakery box:
$13 for four
$19.50 per half dozen
$36 per dozen

Gift Cards

A Hello Cupcake gift card is the perfect present for any occasion. Everybody loves cupcakes, so you can't go wrong. You can purchase them in any denomination starting from $10.


The Hello Cupcake retail shop's signature design was developed by award-winning architect William Bonstra of Bonstra Haresign Architects. The clean, modern design with some old-fashioned elements is in keeping with the Hello Cupcake brand. Our big pink crystal chandelier adds a touch of fancy-schmancy. Wherever possible, we have made conscious selection of sustainable materials and practices in our design and construction.

Hello Cupcake Packaging and the Environment

To do our part in protecting the environment, wherever possible we have used recycled or recyclable packaging. Our retail space is in a LEED Certified building (and, in fact, the US Green Building Council is one of our fellow tenants in the building!) so we have been inspired to do whatever we can to help. If you're buying only one cupcake, we encourage you to take it away in your hand instead of putting another bag out there in the world (we bet you won't be able to keep yourself from eating it within 2 minutes, anyway!) Instead of paper bags for your cupcake boxes, we wrap them up with biodegradable twine and provide you with a handy, reuseable carry handle. We are committed to regularly reviewing our packaging and baking to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

A Note About Allergens

Hello Cupcake uses eggs, cow's milk, soy milk, wheat, strawberries, liqueurs/alcohol products, and nuts in some cupcakes, along with peanut butter in our peanut butter frosting. These items are noted or self-explanatory (for example, strawberry frosting has strawberries in it.) Our vegan products are completely free of animal products in their formulation. Our gluten-free products are completely free of wheat and other gluten in their formulation. However, please keep in mind that our kitchen is small and these items are in use daily. If you have any questions about allergens, please ask before indulging.

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